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FTB Infinity Server

Another year since my last post….

New server is up, running FTB Infinity Lite version 1.8.0. To play it, visit and download the launcher. You will need to activate the minecraft portion in the launcher. You then should browse the FTB official packs, and find Infinity Lite and download it. Make sure you give your minecraft settings a once over, making sure you give it more than the default 1GB of ram, 4 is best. Once it is download and running, connect to the server, which is

New Tech Server

First post of the new year. Brand new server set up. This time, it is a custom build that will be maintained by me. If you have any mod requests, just let me know and I will consider adding it.

First off, make sure you have the technic launcher. You can get it here. Once you have the launcher up and running, simply search for connorminecraft in the modpack section. You should find a pack named connorminecraft lite tech pack. Click install at the bottom right. Once it is running, connect to That’s it.

If you would like more info about the pack, visit the pack page here.

Server update

The server has been updated to Infinity version 1.2.1. Go ahead and update your client to that version in your launcher to get on the server. I’m also working on a better backup system so we don’t lose data if there is a power outage or something like that.

New server….Again

Well, no one has been logging in to any of the servers for a while, so it is brand new server time. I have now set up a Direwolf20 1.7.10 server which is reachable in your FTB launcher. Server address is

New server…again

So im noticing some lackluster interest in Agrarian skies, so lets try Crash Landing instead. The server is set up, just visit to play.


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Server Upgrades

So I got my hard drives in the mail today, so I will be doing some server upgrades and reconfiguration on Wednesday the 15th. As a result, the server might be up and down for a few hours. I hope to have it back up before I have to go to work at 2.



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New Server

Exciting news here on connor minecraft. I have started up an Agrarian Skies server. Simply download Agrarian Skies from your FTB launcher and connect to Then make sure you join the server clan so we will be all working together to complete the quest.